Facing Up to Kidney Cancer is Jon BIrchall’s lifetime quest, raising awareness of this often hidden disease and vital funds for research. Mission 1 was his epic 7493 mile charity motorbike ride around mainland Britain in the summer of 2015.
Jon's coastal ride finished on 30th September at The Royal Free Hospital in London. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed will continue to show highlights from the 57 day tour and keep you updated on what’s next.

5 Stages of the FacingUp2KidneyCancer Ride

Update October 2017: Jon has been receiving fortnightly immunotherapy infusions since April 2016, combined with some surgical intervention on his right lung. This cutting edge approach has produced, after eighteen months, spectacular results. We and the Doctors are absolutely delighted by the response. His previously  very poor prognosis has been overturned. It’s not a cure but it enables him to achieve a near normal life. As the disease burden continues to shrink our hopes and expectations for the future increases. 

The fund raising continues and we will have an update on the Research project very soon. 

Phase 1: At noon on June 6th 2015 incurable kidney cancer patient Jon Birchall set off on his Yamaha FJ1200 motorbike for the biggest journey of his life from the Comedy Carpet in the shadow of the iconic Blackpool Tower. Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer.

Phase 2 started in 2016 with a musical evening in Clifford and there are more events planned later this year including a potential pop up restaurant in Dorset, a potential Bake Off competition, and a major sporting dinner with raffle and auction planned for early 2017 In Lancashire. Jon wants to ride to the National Parks, and ‘Coast to Coast’ from East to West while still Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer, this year, however Jon is now undergoing immunotherapy treatment and needs to concentrate on this while planning future fundraising events. Please keep supporting us: ride, run, bake, or just donate. Thank you. All the money now goes straight to the research project’s bank account via University College London Development Fund

Phase 1 was carried out with the support of the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, amalgamated and re-branded in 2016 as Kidney Cancer UK, with the funds ring fenced and protected for a specific research project,  Jon rode 7493 miles around the coast of mainland Britain from June to the end of September.  He toured around England, Wales and Scotland, to show the world he will not be beaten and that he is: ‘Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer’.

 This film was made before he started the ride at Harper Adams University College and clearly explains why Jon felt so strongly about raising awareness and funds for research into earlier diagnosis.

Jon – 56, happily married to Sarah and a farm business consultant – committed in early 2015 to spend his remaining time, estimated last year to be 30 to 40 months, increasing awareness of early diagnosis and raising funds for research. The ride was the first part of Jon’s campaign. The funds raised have been directed towards research at a project run by University College London (UCL) and The Royal Free Hospital into earlier diagnosis and treatments for an eventual cure for kidney cancer.

Here are our details on how to donate so that the money collected in Phase 2 goes directly to the research project’s bank account.  

Jon says of his ride: “I’m on an incredible journey, a true once in a lifetime experience, and we’ve still got two stages to go! I have met many, many wonderful people who have supported me, and Sarah, across the ride with sponsorship, accommodation, riding with me, and of course with their invaluable donations and subsequent fundraising ventures. It’s essential that awareness of early detection of kidney cancer is brought to everyone’s attention and I am trying my very best to spread the word to everyone in the UK! The fact is: YOU could be next! If you feel symptoms like a lump in your side, show blood in your pee, have consistent back ache, lethargy or fatigue that doesn’t lift, please get it checked – it really could make the difference between life and death.”

Please support Jon by holding an event or taking on a challenge or donating here.  

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