Fundraising News

A sponsor’s message – the following message is published with permission.

Jon is so very grateful for each and every single donation towards either event sponsorship or simply to the fund. Together we WILL make a difference and help others with kidney cancer. 

“Hutchinsons would like to offer sponsorship to Jon Birchall and the Kidney Cancer cause that he is aiming to raise money for. If you could pass this news on to him that would be great.  I hope it will help with putting in place some of the funds you require to make the mechanics of the fund raising activities possible.

Having just watched the solar eclipse (and it was pretty amazing) it reinforced to me that there are so many things in life and the universe that are beyond our control.  But perhaps with the wisdom and innovation of mankind’s inquisitive mind we can work out how to stop cancer and other seemingly incurable conditions shortening the lives of the people who are on this earth and loved by their family and friends.”

Hutchinsons~logo(withstrap)Paul Hobson on behalf of Hutchinsons Crop Protection Specialists 20/03/2015

Thank you very much to Paul and everyone at Hutchinsons, every offer of help and donation spurs Jon onwards on his challenging Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer journey.