A test run of bike and technology


Jon leaving home


Headstone Tunnel

A snapshot of Jon leaving Tracy Island* on Thunderbird 1 for a Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer training run, while Sarah tested out the video function on her phone. If she’d had her glasses on the film would have been longer! 

Jon went to Monsal Dale on Saturday, and is very impressed with the Monsal Trail – a walk along the old railway line through tunnels and along the viaducts. Last time he went there, many years ago, the tunnel was barred and he heard tales of ghost trains, or perhaps it was just the day after a good night of Pedigree bitter!

On Sunday Jon went to the Darley Moor Circuit re-visiting his youth. He was in his teens the last time he went there, and he saw some of the racing. He meandered home in time for tea via Uttoxeter and it’s been a very successful practice testing the bike and the phones and the technology. 


Thunderbird 1 at Darley Moor Circuit


* The reason for this family nickname will become clear in later posts.