The mechanics of bike and body

In preparation for the big event – Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer – Jon is overhauling his motorbike, a twenty eight year old Yamaha FJ1200, known to the family as Thunderbird 1.
IMG_2796On Thursday, after work, we fetched the front wheel from the powder coaters in Leominster, so Jon will have two new radial tyres on the bike for extra grip. This front wheel is secondhand and taken from a Yamaha FZ750, however it will fit on Jon’s bike with the addition of new brake discs. Jon is an excellent mechanic and really loves working on his bike. It’s all part of his BIG Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer journey: the working on the bike and the riding of it are both of equal importance to him in the time he has left. 
IMG_0332Afterwards we drove a few short miles beyond Leominster and walked the footpaths near Eye together for a good hour. It was very peaceful and enjoyable and we saw no-one except on the very dangerous few hundred yards of the A49.  
We saw a pair of Canada Geese, a pair of English Partridge, and many welcome signs of Spring in the form of cowslips, the trees changing colour as they wake up, wild cherry blossom and a field of blackcurrants just in bud.  Sometimes simple pleasures such as these are the very best of times, for both of us. 
IMG_0327Jon’s physical training for the #facingup2KC fundraising and awareness event is currently a mix of walking as often as possible, cycling up to ten miles at a time, and riding the motorcycle over greater distances. These will gradually increase in frequency and intensity as we head towards the start on 6 June from Blackpool.