Look carefully for two Jon’s in this picture as we tested the technology and the customisation of Thunderbird 1 this morning. While the time slips away towards the start – next Saturday 6th June at Blackpool at noon – and there’s still so imagemuch to do for work and for the Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer ride. 

Despite the huge kindness and generosity of so many individuals and companies in supporting this fundraising ride & awareness campaign we have been unable, at this point in time, to get help with specific satellite navigation and camera equipment. Since we can’t justify the huge expense required for all this equipment (c.£800) Jon came up with a an excellent plan and has made a custom mounting for the bike on the wing mirror in order to use his phone for videos and photos at various points on the ride. As you see from the photograph it works very well in the garage!

For satellite navigation Jon has downloaded a free programme called OsmAnd and converted the route from Tyre to Travel into a suitable format with more free software called GPS Babel and this will work on his mobile phone. Meantime we receive wonderful messages of support and the wonderful donations on Just Giving keep coming. 

#FacingUp2KC is now powered by Android and HTC while Sarah’s vital support network runs on Apple

We can assure all our donors that The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer confirm that ALL the money raised will be going direct to research. Thank you to everyone, it’s getting very near now. After supper Jon will finalise the Stage 1/Wales route and the website page will be updated tomorrow.

Maybe we’ll see you in Blackpool, or along one of the five stages of over £5000 plus miles.