Jon’s reflections

Stage 2 – Berwick upon Tweed to Blackpool

It’s good to be home, but I’m looking forward to the Scottish stage of the tour, which is all new territory to me. The map gives an idea of the scale of the journey, which is fairly daunting. It will be good to be accompanied by Vaughn Armstrong, on his Honda. We also have several kind offers of hospitality on the way.

The last few miles of the Welsh journey took me past Arthur’s Stone on Dorstone Hill, with a magnificent view of our stretch of the Wye. I always think of Alfred Watkins and his theory of ley lines at this point. I didn’t see a network of “glowing wires all over the surface of the country”, but it’s apparent that we live in a very lush and agriculturally diverse County, emphasised by a substantial area of poly tunnels.

Already many people have made considerable personal effort to help raise funds, by participating in a whole range of activities as diverse as coffee mornings and cycling across Yorkshire and Lancashire. Thanks to Heather, Alli, Rob, Bruce, Trish, Elaine, Derys, Mary and many others for helping to get the ball rolling. You are all a vital part of of raising awareness and funds.

IMG_1951 edit

Jon preparing for the start on the Comedy Carpet at Blackpool on June 6 2015

Kidney Cancer is a major cancer with a low profile and increasing mortality. Could I ask anyone who is interested in what we are doing, to please think how they can use their own networks to help raise awareness and funds in order that we can ensure more people survive the disease.