Message from Jon

My next treatment starts tomorrow, Monday. Back to the Royal Free in London for round 3 of my battle with kidney cancer. Round 1 was the radical nephrectomy in 2013 in Oxford, and Round 2 was tMan in The Mirror 1he high dose Interleukin in 2014 in Manchester. It’s a battle with only one winner, but in my mind the winner is still undecided and we are level on points!

I’ve heard other cancer patients say it’s not a battle. It’s a condition that you just live with. WRONG. The choices are do nothing and accept the inevitable OR fight. I don’t need to get on the train, I don’t need to have an infusion of a fairly nasty drug tomorrow. But I am going to do it because I’m not giving in whilst there’s a chance. Words aren’t sufficient to thank everyone who has made strenuous efforts to get me on the Nivolumab programme. I’m fighting a battle but I’m lucky to have an army behind me, and Mrs B by my side!

The bigger battle is the need to find a cure for cancer. Our children and grandchildren need to look back on this period as the “dark ages” in terms of cancer treatment, because things will have moved on so much. SO please continue to help us raise funds for Maxine Tran and the research project at UCL/Royal Free. It might achieve nothing but it might just change the world. Best wishes.
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