Jon & Sarah Birchall 002

Jon and Sarah Birchall

Today we are all over the local news. It’s been a bit chaotic at this end trying to watch BBC Midlands Today and listen to local radio BBC Hereford and Worcester, whilst reading the Hereford Times  😆 

Jon looks good, his message is good and we are so grateful for all the coverage in this area. What we’d really like is for it to be taken up nationally and in every local area as Jon takes his awareness and fundraising message right around the mainland UK

If you’ve missed it you can click on our links above to find the articles and other information. It will be featured more in depth on BBC Midlands Today from 6.30pm, and I believe it will also feature again on the Drivetime programme on BBC Hereford and Worcester. 


Mr Michael Aitchison MD FRCS

Mr Michael Aitchison MD FRCS, the Renal Cancer Service Director & Consultant Urological Surgeon for the Royal Free Hospital was also on the radio and explained how hard it is to diagnose in time and how work is being done to look for simple diagnostic tests. This is what we want Jon’s legacy to be, a better future for kidney cancer sufferers, it is a cruel and horrible disease. 

Let’s make it big and change the future of kidney cancer diagnosis for ever.  We are so grateful for every message of goodwill and every single offer of help be it through event sponsorshipa donationholding an event or just spreading the word.