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Jon Birchall MSc MIAgrM MBPR MBIAC

Thanks to Harper Adams University (HAU) for arranging a wonderful pre-launch event for Jon and the Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer Team on 4th June at noon.

Jon is very proud to be an alumnus of HAU, he completed his MSc REaLM in *2010, and we all look forward to catching up with everyone next week and giving Jon a great local send off before the official Blackpool start on Saturday 6th June at noon from the Comedy Carpet.

* Sadly shortly after this Jon was misdiagnosed with episodic fatigue, when we now know he was showing signs of cancer, and tragically his kidney cancer was not diagnosed until it had spread and was too late.

Jon said: “Receiving the news that my kidney cancer had spread, and that my prognosis was terminal had a devastating effect on Sarah and me, along with our friends and family. I’m not a do nothing person, and once I’d conquered the initial shock, I made my mind up to do everything I could to prevent other people suffering the same fate. I want to emphasise to everyone, including the medical profession, the vital importance of early diagnosis of kidney cancer.

Early diagnosis is quite simply the difference between life and death. If caught early there is a very good chance of achieving a cure. In my case two years were lost before the disease was correctly diagnosed. Even though I’ve had a radical nephrectomy and drastic immunotherapy it has proved impossible to halt the disease and my situation was described by the consultant as utterly hopeless.

A better awareness of the symptoms of kidney cancer will help early diagnosis as will the development of effective tests. I intend to promote awareness and raise funds by getting on my motorbike and talking about my experiences with my ‘Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer’ coastal tour of mainland Britain.

Please help us and support Jon on his ride – donate here or text JBKC55 £3, £5 or £10 to 70700 , thank you 


Harper Adams University is proud to support alumnus Jon Birchall and his Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer motorbike ride around…

Posted by Harper Adams University on Friday, 29 May 2015