The origins of our ‘Tracy Island’

Thunderbirds 3 and 1

Just as a new TV series of Thunderbirds is re-launched in 2015 for this generation the legacy of the original series lingers on. In the mid 1960’s television was still novel and whilst growing up on his parent’s small dairy farm Jon became an instant fan to the cult programme which was launched in 1965. 

Fast forward to 2014 and the implementation of Jon’s bucket list, which will be featured in more depth in a later posts. The list did have, amongst a host of other wishes: ‘buy a canoe’ written on the fridge.


TB 2 & 4

Jon’s beloved motor bike has been known as TB1 for many years, however the purchase of a twelve year old second hand Honda CRV for work in 2014, which just happened to be blue, and not green, led to the incidental increase of the Thunderbird stable – TB2.

This has since been followed by the purchase this year of a yellow canoe via Ebay, although the colour was again purely incidental.  Since Thunderbird 4 is traditionally a submersible this has led to a lot more jokes about Jon’s plans to canoe on the River Wye whilst building his upper body strength prior to the Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer launch on June 6th at Blackpool. It was this recent acquisition which has led to a family member nicknaming our home as ‘Tracy Island’. 

Thunderbird 3 belongs to Vaughn Armstrong and he will riding alongside Jon on the Scottish Stage 2 Starting from Berwick upon Tweed on July  4th. 


TB5 ready for a training run.

Jon’s bicycle is undoubtedly the poorer relation of the Thunderbird stable. With no engine, save Jon’s leg power, Thunderbird 5 is a vital tool for building fitness and stamina in the preparation for the big #facingup2KC ride, whilst allowing Jon to still enjoy the British countryside he loves so very much. 

So Jon and the ‘Thunderbirds’ stable are a real GO for it team in the Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer challenge.

Please join us, sponsor ussupport us, DONATE, and together let’s make kidney cancer awareness and the James Whale Fund  something everyone knows about.