What the Doctors’ say….

A local Doctor’s Surgery thanked Jon last week and told how they’d already learnt somdoctor.is.inething new from our Facing Up 2 Kidney Cancer campaign. 

They’ve fully taken on board that fatigue could be a symptom of both kidney and lung cancer, and also pointed out to Jon that, as neither the kidneys or the liver have any nerve endings, if something goes wrong with either organ it can be hard for both the patient and Doctors to discern what the problem is. 

We have written to the three Doctors, who over a period of a few months, were involved with Jon when he was misdiagnosed in 2010 asking them to remember Jon and reconsider a diagnosis if anyone presents with either typical or atypical symptoms such as fever, chills and fatigue. 

The consultant physician to whom Jon was eventually referred to said they deeply regretted what had happened to us and have allowed us to use this quote: 

“So, whilst I accept that when his tumour was discovered 2 years later its size suggests that it would have been present in 2010 and an ultrasound might well have picked it up, I still feel that there was no clinical indication to order that investigation. Even in hindsight I honestly do not think there was anything at the time I saw him in 2010 that suggested that this could have been a renal tumour.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to write and I do agree with your campaign to highlight the importance of considering this diagnosis as it often does present late and we do not want to miss any opportunities for an earlier diagnosis” 

As a result of Jon’s forth-coming heroism on his motorbike we want 3 things:
  • The Doctors to remember Jon and look harder – considering Kidney Cancer as a potential diagnosis  
  • The Patients to be aware of their own bodies and shout louder if they think something feels wrong
  • To raise enough funds to develop diagnostic tests to help the Doctors to identify kidney cancer in its early stages. A project with these aims will be starting at the Royal Free Hospital in London in September 2015.

Please unite and help us to do this. 

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